This is, at present, an incomplete list! This list will grow as we continue to build the website. Please suggest additions in the comments below.

Sharing data

  • Wicherts, J.M. (2013). Science revolves around the data. Journal of Open Psychology Data, 1(1):e1. [link]
  • Simonsohn, U. (2013). Just Post It: The Lesson From Two Cases of Fabricated Data Detected by Statistics Alone. Psychological Science, 24(10):1875-1888. [link]
  • Wicherts, J.M. and Bakker, M. (2012). Publish (your data) or (let the data) perish! Why not publish your data too? Intelligence 40(2): 73–76. [link]

Sharing analyses and code

  • Peng, R. D. (2011). Reproducible research in computational science. Science, 334(6060):1226–1227. [link]
  • Morin, A., Urban, J., Adams, P. D., Foster, I., Sali, A., and Baker, D. (2012). Shining light into black boxes. Science336(6078):159-160. [link]
  • Ince, D. C., Hatton, L., and Graham-Cumming, J. (2012). The case for open computer programs. Nature, 482(7386):485–488. [link]
  • Kubilius, J. (2014). Sharing code. i-Perception, 5:75–78. [link]



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