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[anonymous] from University of Warwick
Alexandru Marius Tătar from Babeș -Bolyai University Cluj -Napoca Faculty of Geography, Doctoral School of Geography
Rahmani from from ESSEC
Kirill G. Miroshnik from Saint Petersburg State University
Hanjo Hamann from EBS University Wiesbaden
S. Adil Saribay from Kadir Has University
[anonymous] from Utrecht University
[anonymous] from student
[anonymous] from Beijing Normal University
[anonymous] from University of Houston
Emily S. Cross from ETH Zürich
Richard Ramsey from ETH Zürich
Simon T. van Baal from University of Warwick
[anonymous] from ZAS
Anne-Kathrin Kleine from LMU Munich
Nuo Xu from Nanjing Normal University
Julie Krans from Radboud University
Tuanny Soeiro Sousa from Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Tuanny Soeiro Sousa from Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Andre D Paredes from OpenDBM
[anonymous] from Leuphana University Lüneburg
David Roodman from Open Philanthropy
Biljana Gjoneska from Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Michael Short from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
[anonymous] from Maastricht University
Morgane Burnel from CerCA, Université de Poitiers
Petr Grigorev from CNRS
Emma Liu from Peking University
Doreen Maloney from Pre-Master\'s Student of Psychology
Ivan Calandra from Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum
Ronan Bellemin from Université Grenoble Alpes
Marc Guinjoan from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Matthias Apfelthaler from University of Graz
[anonymous] from ELTE, Eotvos Lorant University
Marton Kovacs from Institute of Psychology, ELTE Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
Dovile from Vytautas Magnus University
Edita Chvojková from Masaryk University Brno/University of Amsterdam
[anonymous] from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
[anonymous] from AmsterdamUMC
[anonymous] from Research
Eduardo Aguirre-Dávila from Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Johann-Mattis List from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Maria Pedreira from IFIBYNE UBA-CONICET
Felix Riede from Aarhus University
Aine Ito from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
[anonymous] from Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Caanaria
Jerry Bean from The Ohio State University
Aydin Manzouri from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Lilian Carvalho from FGV/EAESP
James Steele from Solent University
Dominik Freunberger from Stockholm University
Richard A. Inman from Universidade Lusíada - Norte
Thomas C. Hatvany from Shippensburg University
[anonymous] from University of Alaska Fairbanks
Veli-Matti Karhulahti from University of Jyväskylä
Alberto Antonietti from Politecnico di Milano
Amélie Godefroidt from KU Leuven
[anonymous] from Université libre de Bruxelles
[anonymous] from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
Antonin Delpeuch from University of Oxford
[anonymous] from University of Porto
Kait Clark from University of the West of England
Amélie from Université de Nantes
Daniel from Vilnius University
[anonymous] from senior researcher
Yao Sun from The Education University of Hong Kong
[anonymous] from East Carolina University
Ben C. L. Yu from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ivan Nyklicek from Tilburg University
Daniela Ventura Fernandes from University of Coimbra
Ricardo Tarrasch from Tel Aviv University
Lasse Suonperä Liebst from University of Copenhagen
[anonymous] from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
[anonymous] from King\'s College London
Yuki Miyagawa from Otemon Gakuin University
Richard Philpot from Lancaster University
Priyansha Singh from India Migration Now
Priyansha Singh from Policy Researcher
Dejan Kojić from University PIM, Banja Luka, Bosnia and herzegovina
Gwenaël Kaminski from Toulouse university
[anonymous] from Johns Hopkins University
Sarahanne Field from University of Groningen
Tom Osborn from Harvard University
Stefan T. Siegel from University of Augsburg
Sebastian E. Wenz from GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Xiaoye Xu from Arizona State University
Filip Melinscak from University of Zurich
[anonymous] from College of psychology and sociology, Shenzhen University
Xiang Shiyuan from Beijing Normal University
[anonymous] from Iowa State University
[anonymous] from Iowa State University
[anonymous] from School of Media and Communication, Shenzhen University
[anonymous] from Central University of Finance and Economics
Jose Storopoli from Universidade Nove de Julho
Diana Kornbrot from University of Hertfordshire
Luca Simione from Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione, CNR, Rome, Italy
Ignasi Navarro Soria from Universitat d\'Alacant
[anonymous] from Universidad de Salamanca
[anonymous] from University of Derby
Adnan Adil from University of Sargodha
Burak Tunca from Lund University
Alejandro Benito Santos from Universidad de Salamanca
Bence Palfi from University of Sussex
Danial Monsefi Parapari from Shahrood University of Technology
Niklas Johannes from Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University
Özhan Saglik from Bursa Uludag University
Pablo Gomez from DePaul University
Piotr Rosół from The Maria Grzegorzewska University
Peter Lush from University of Sussex
Nicolás Araneda Hinrichs from Universidad de Concepción
[anonymous] from Colorado State University
Scott Glover from Royal Holloway University of London
David Schieferdecker from Free University Berlin
[anonymous] from Tohoku University
Daniela Raccanello from University of Verona
[anonymous] from Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf
[anonymous] from Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf
Pablo Bernabeu from Lancaster University
Tobias Gfesser from Universität Leipzig
Kathleen Einarson from University of Toronto
Razia Aziz-Seible from Creighton University
Helen Niemeyer from Freie Universität Berlin
Dr.Ghanim Alwan from Missouri University of S&T
Silke Schneider from GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
[anonymous] from South China Normal University
Tim Vantilborgh from Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Christopher Castille from Nicholls State University
Esma from Hacettepe University
Cilene Lino de Oliveira from UFSC
ByungGu Lee from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rizqy Amelia Zein from Universitas Airlangga
Marijn Kroes from Donders institute for brain, cognition, and behaviour; Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center
[anonymous] from Heig-vd
[anonymous] from Washington University in St. Louis
Jen Hammock from Smithsonian Institution
John Michael from Warwick University
[anonymous] from Universidad Privada del Norte
Lisa DeBruine from University of Glasgow
Bradley Kennedy from University of Chester
James Green from University of Limerick
Arindam Basu from University of Canterbury
David Richter from DIW Berlin
Eric Green from Duke University
Ljerka from Ostojic
Timo B. Roettger from Northwestern University
Tobias Heycke from GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Simon Gorin from University of Geneva
Vera E. Heininga from KU Leuven / RUG
Luc Boutsen from Aston University, Birmingham, UK
Ben Marwick from University of Washington
Jared Piazza from Lancaster University
Lukasz Stasielowicz from Osnabrück University
Lisa Hehnke from University of Bielefeld
Oscar Esteban from Stanford University
emanuele teodori from Instituto Superior Tecnico
[anonymous] from Kermanshah University of Medical sciences
Theo Toppe from Leipzig University
David Fernandez-Blanco from IPGP
Barbara W. Sarnecka from University of California - Irvine
[anonymous] from Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud - ULL
Marco Tullio Liuzza from \"Magna Graecia\" University of Catanzaro
Roman Stengelin from Leipzig University
Oliver Clark from Manchester Metropolitan University
Biljana Škrbić from University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology
Jürgen Schneider from University of Tübingen
Peder M. Isager from Eindhoven University of Technology
Santhi Devasundaram from NIH/NCI
Hannah M Lindsey from Brigham Young University
Le Texier from University of Nice
Florian Sense from University of Groningen
Richel Bilderbeek from University of Groningen
Kwok Ng from University of Limerick
John Felt from University of California, Merced
Patrick van der Ouw from Student Vrije universiteit Amsterdam
Brice Beffara from The Walden III Slowpen Science Laboratory
Martin Hagger from Curtin University
Aviv Akerman from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Edmond Sanganyado from Shantou University
Jarrod Moss from Mississippi State University
Steve Haroz from Sorbonne University
Akihiko Masuda from University of Hawaii at Manoa
Alexander Wuttke from University of Mannheim
[anonymous] from Assis.Prof.; Departement of Hormone;National organisations for Drug Control &Research
Zhenguang G. Cai from University of East Anglia
Ineke Wessel from University of Groningen
[anonymous] from Institute of Laboratory Research on Geomaterials, Comenius University in Bratislava
Jozef Michal Mintal from Matej Bel University
Joachim Kimmerle from Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien and Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Gleb Tsipursky from Ohio State University
[anonymous] from Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University
Ivailo Stoyanov from N/A
James Bartlett from Coventry University
Sean from Duffy
Aaron R Caldwell from University of Arkansas
Daniel J. Dunleavy from Florida State University
Julius Verrel from University of Lübeck
Dina Elikan from University of Lausanne
Celeste López Abbate from Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía
Mimoza from University of Mitrovica
Amanda from Université du Québec à Montréal
luis from drums
Laurent Gatto from University of Cambridge
kepengxu from 北京师范大学
Lea Hildebrandt from University of Wuerzburg
[anonymous] from Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University
Hynek Cígler from Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
Michael Schulte from University of Bern / MPI for Human Development, Berlin
Africa Gomez from University of Hull
Remco Havermans from Maastricht University
Mante S. Nieuwland from MPI for Psycholinguistics
Samiul Hossain from Macquarie University
Steffen Bollmann from University of Queensland - Centre for Advanced Imaging
[anonymous] from EAFIT
[anonymous] from University of Oxford
Kelly Dunton from University of the Highlands and Islands
Sebastian Sauer from FOM University oas
Carolyn Semmler from University of Adelaide
Yana Weinstein from University of Massachusetts Lowell
[anonymous] from Nicholls State University
Thomas from Plieger
Leonid Tiokhin from Arizona State University
Cort Rudolph from Department of Psychology, Saint Louis University (USA)
Pavel Raul from SNSPA
Stefan Strilciuc from Department of Public Health, Babes-Bolyai University
Ioana Alina Cristea from Babes-Bolyai University
Hugo López-Fernández from Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
[anonymous] from ami
Sarah Humberg from University of Münster
Casper Albers from University of Groningen
Timo B. Roettger from University of Cologne
Janis Zickfeld from University of Oslo
Michael Espero from Claremont Graduate University
Erich H. Witte from University of Hamburg
Sally Ibrahim from Department of Animal Reproduction and AI, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Romain-Daniel Gosselin from Biotelligences LLC
[anonymous] from The University of Hong Kong
Tobias Johansson from Kristianstad University
Katleen Van der Gucht from University of Leuven
Eric Barends from CEBMa
Maciej Zatonski from GSK
Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe from Kingston University
Tomasz Witkowski from Polish Skeptics Club
Matthew McBee from East Tennessee State University
J.P. de Ruiter from Tufts University
Obada Zaidany from Vanderbilt University
Birgit Schmidt from University of Göttingen
Hanan Asghar from LMU
Shota from Student at Mannheim University
Fraser Aitken from St Andrews University
[anonymous] from Graduate Student
David Durling from Coventry University UK
Jordan Anaya from Omnes Res
Stefan Wiens from Stockholm University
[anonymous] from MXIS
Robert Speijer from KU Leuven, Belgium
Kenneth W. Witwer from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Luis Saraiva from Sidra Medical and Research Center
Marc Robinson-Rechavi from University of Lausanne
Melissa Haendel from Oregon Health & Science University
Jennifer Crebs from Denver Health Medical Center
[anonymous] from Dartmouth Colllege
Gustavo Berumen from U of Guadalajara
Peter Gill from University of Oslo Hospital
David Balding from University of Melbourne
Randy Macdonald from TAO Foundation
Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler from University of Oxford
Dr Chiara Mariotti from Oxfam GB
David Reardon from Elliot Institute
Laura Prieto del Val from University Pablo de Olavide
[anonymous] from Independent Scholar
Benjamin Masters from Clemson University
Michal Kosinski from Stanford University
Michael Kovari from Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Allard Aurélien from Paris 8 University
Diptesh Aryal from Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital
Peter Verkoeijen from Erasmus University Rotterdam/Avans University of Applied Sciences
[anonymous] from Lanzhou University
Jorge N. Tendeiro from University of Groningen
Miguel Alejandro A. Silan from University of the Philippines Diliman
Karen van Zaal from Oxfam
Julia Rohrer from DIW Berlin
Andrew Osiany from Oxfam
[anonymous] from Researcher
Andrew from Oxfam
Ruben De Winne from Oxfam
James Morrissey from Oxfam
Manojkumar Selvaraju from KACST
Najwa from University putra malaysia
Tim Downing from DCU
Arnaud Vaganay from Meta-Lab
Jeromy Anglim from Deakin University
Aaron Gullickson from University of Oregon Sociology
Ladislas Nalborczyk from Université Grenoble Alpes
Robin Niels Kok from University of Southern Denmark
Paul-Christian Bürkner from University of Münster
Nikos Askitas from IZA - Institute of Labor Economics
Don Moore from UC Berkeley
Olavo Amaral from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Dirk Wulff from University of Basel
Stephen Politzer-Ahles from Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Eike Mark Rinke from MZES, University of Mannheim
Ivan Ropovik from University of Presov
Christopher Oswald from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Andriy V Koval from University of Victoria
Charlotte Hartwright from Aston University
Chan Kulatunga-Moruzi from McMaster University
[anonymous] from Cologne University
Flavio Azevedo from Cologne University
Tal Yarkoni from University of Texas at Austin
Paola Masuzzo from Ghent University
Fred Hasselman from Radboud University Nijmegen
Malcolm Macleod from University of Edinburgh
Graham Steel from n/a
Kate Mills from University of Oregon
Daniel Ansari from University of Western Ontario
Junpeng Lao from University of Fribourg
Armand Chatard from University of Poitiers & CNRS, France
Frank Huysmans from University of Amsterdam
[anonymous] from
Chase Coleman from New York University
Emma Marsden from University of York
Andre Kretzschmar from University of Tuebingen
Peter Edelsbrunner from ETH Zurich
Stefan Wagner from University of Stuttgart
Felix Thoemmes from Cornell University
Fabienne Chetail from Université Libre de Bruxelles
Bianca Elena Ivanof from Goldsmiths, University of London
André Klausing from Psychology
Rusty Speidel from Center for Open Science
Stefanie Wurst from University of Münster
Harrysson Luiz da Silva from Federal University Santa Catarina and Kw Institute
Tobias Gerstenberg from MIT
Tom Crick from Cardiff Metropolitan University
[anonymous] from University of Muenster
Bahar Mehmani from Elsevier
Fiona Fidler from University of Melbourne
[anonymous] from Student
Antonio Schettino from Ghent University
Marcus Mund from Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Rares Ciurezu from Student at Bath Spa Uni
[anonymous] from Radboud University
Jake Westfall from University of Texas at Austin
Sameera Daniels from Ramsey Decision Theoretics
Jakob Pietschnig from University of Vienna
James Shaw from University of Reading
[anonymous] from University of Aberdeen
Oliver Lindemann from University of Potsdam
Linda Main from Griffith University
Lachlan Coin from University of Queensland
Ian Newby-Clark from University of Guelph
Daniel Nüst from University of Münster
Chuan-Peng Hu from Tsinghua University
Marko Bachl from Universität Hohenheim
[anonymous] from University of Landau
[anonymous] from -
Bart Verkuil from Leiden University
Katharina Geukes from University of Muenster
[anonymous] from KUL
Vladimir Barash from Graphika, Inc.
German Bonilla from Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Fabien C. Y. Benureau from Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
Rene Bekkers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Geoff Cumming from La Trobe University
Chris Ferguson from Stetson University
Michelle Lee Kosik from N/A
David Alexander from Centre for Brain & Cognition, KU Leuven
Sander Van de Cruys from KU Leuven
Delphine Sasanguie from Brain & Cognition, KU Leuven
Doug Markant from Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
Matti Vuorre from Columbia University
Andy Field from University of Sussex
[anonymous] from Carolinas Medical Center
Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau from Kingston University London
hirosato matuura from doshisha university, part-time
Mikko Tolonen from University of Helsinki
Elena Giglia from University of Turin
Simone Conte from University of St Andrews
Sonja Brage from Directory of open access journals
[anonymous] from Managing editor
Ellie Wilson from University of Seville
Tom Olijhoek from DOAJ
Alejandrina Cristia from CNRS
Rubén Rellán-Álvarez from Langebio, Cinvestav
Gerald Echterhoff from University of Münster
Yang Gan from Harbin Institute of Technology
Bob Reed from University of Canterbury
Eiko Fried from University of Leuven
Sandeep Singhai from CSIR, INDIA
Amir Hesam Salavati from EPFL
[anonymous] from Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Alexander Etz from University of Amsterdam
Daniel Oberski from Tilburg University
Sergio Franklin from Federal University of BAHIA
Björn Brembs from Universität Regensburg
Ed Merkle from University of Missouri
Elis Carlström from Swerea IVF
Remedios Melero from CSIC
David Crookall from Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
Mark C. Wilson from University of Auckland
Paul Hubert Vossen from SQUIRE Research Institute
Nicole Janz from University of Cambridge
Stefano Guerzoni from International Marine Centre, Oristano (Italy)
Dave Mumby from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Ann Lindberg from Swedish National Veterinary Institute
Dietrich Rordorf from Independent
Johannes (Jan) Velterop from Independent
[anonymous] from Universidad Bernardo O\'Higgins
Mahendra mahagaonkar from Decision Science School
[anonymous] from PHD RESEARCHER
Guillaume Lobet from University of Liège
James C. Coyne from UMCG
Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou from Democritus University of Thrace
Riaan Botes from Groningen University
[anonymous] from university
Daniel Leightley from King\'s College London
[anonymous] from Independent
Eleni Zazani from Imperial College
Sebastian Geukes from University of Münster
Maria Jimena Salgueiro from School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires
[anonymous] from Saarland University
Scott Hocknull from Queensland Museum
Stephanie Dawson from ScienceOpen
[anonymous] from Hong Kong Baptist University
Manuel Loyola from Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Martin Adalberto Tena Espinoza de los Monteros from Universidad de Guadalajara
Robert Calin-Jageman from Dominican University
Matthias Mittner from University of Tromsø
Philip B. Stark from University of California, Berkeley
Victoria Dominguez Del Angel from Conacyt/ColPos/INRA
Lex Nederbragt from University of Oslo
Tyler Burleigh from University of Guelph
Jonathan Peelle from Washington University in Saint Louis
Mark J Starr from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vinícius Medina Kern from UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil)
Ali H. Al-Hoorie from Univeristy of Nottingham
[anonymous] from Universidad de Sevilla
Desmond Aubery from Private Researcher
Pete Cannon from Massey University
Ludek Stehlik from Charles University in Prague
Anne Scheel from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Claudia Gillberg from National Centre for Lifelong Learning, ENCELL, Jonkiping University, Sweden
[anonymous] from Universitat de les Illes Balears
Dorota Reis from University of Koblenz-Landau
Tom Hardwicke from University College London
Jeff Rouder from University of Missouri
Johannes Breuer from University of Cologne
Raphael Levy from University of Liverpool
Oliver Kirchkamp from Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena
Alexia Gaudeul from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Jaroslav Tocik from Masaryk University
[anonymous] from U JA Maza
Robin van Emden from Leiden University
Colin Davis from University of Bristol
Ruben Motrich from CIBICI-CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
Onno Giller from Wageningen University and Research Centre
Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos from Stockholm University
Sylvain Delzon from INRA
Carlos Velasco from Imagineering Institute
[anonymous] from Expert by experience
[anonymous] from University of Groningen; UMCG
[anonymous] from Honeywell Intl.
Susanne Björkholm from University of Helsinki
John J. Foxe from University of Rochester and European Journal of Neuroscience
Tom Stafford from University of Sheffield
John Velez from Texas Tech University
[anonymous] from University of Oxford
Bram Zandbelt from Radboud University
Arnoud Plantinga from Tilburg University
Steven Vannoy from University of Massachusetts Boston
James D. Ivory from Virginia Tech
Gerhard Lauer from University of Göttingen
Angélique Cramer from University of Amsterdam
Dirk Vorberg from Westf. Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany
Florian Wanders from University of Amsterdam
Michael Zehetleitner from Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
[anonymous] from University of Groningen
Tim van der Zee from Leiden University
Jim Grange from Keele University
D Sam Schwarzkopf from UCL
Darren Rhodes from University of Sussex
Michael R. Crusoe from University of California, Davis
Don van Ravenzwaaij from University of Groningen
Juan Carlos Reale from Instituto NAciona de Estadistica-Sede Mérida
Jacinto Dávila from Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Richard Ferrers from Monash University, Australian National Data Service
Robert Miller from TU Dresden
Anca Minescu from University of Limerick
Jan Freyberg from University of Cambridge
J.P. de Ruiter from Bielefeld University
Robert King from UCC
Jesse T Kaye from University of Wisconsin - Madison
John Curtin from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alex Gamma from University of Zurich
Peter Cahusac from Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia
Tom Van Daele from Thomas More University College & KU Leuven
Tom Van Daele from researcher
Marius Leckelt from University of Muenster
Thomas Schultze-Gerlach from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Etienne LeBel from University of Western Ontario
Simon Farrell from University of Western Australia
Francis Tuerlinckx from KU Leuven
Ilina Ilieva from The St. Ciryl and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
Jelte Wicherts from Tilburg University
Matthew McCormick from Kitware
Ruben C. Arslan from Georg August University Göttingen
[anonymous] from Derechos Digitales
Paola Di Maio from IIT
Helena Matute from Deusto University Bilbao
John Wixted from UC San Diego
Onur Sahin from University of Amsterdam
Lisa Warner from Freie Universität Berlin
Erik M arsja from Deptartment of Psychology, Umeå University
Moritz Beller from Delft University of Technology
Gjalt-Jorn Peters from Open University of the Netherlands
Hedderik van Rijn from University of Groningen
Matthijs J Warrens from University of Groningen
Matti Heino from University of Helsinki
Claudia Gianelli from University of Potsdam
Maarten Derksen from University of Groningen
Stephan Schleim from University of Groningen
Hrvoje Stojic from Universitat Pompeu Fabra
[anonymous] from University of Oxford
Tan Yin Qing from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
Simon Columbus from University of Amsterdam
Leon du Toit from University of Oslo
[anonymous] from North Portugal Public Health Services
John Lurquin from University of Colorado Boulder
Mitja Back from University of Muenster
Theophil M Sule from Higher learning Institution
Richard W Hass from Philadelphia University
Laura Mickes from Royal Holloway, University of London
Aaron Goetz from California State University
Ana Levordashka from Leibniz Institute für Wissensmedien
Trudy Dehue from University of Groningen
Hal Pashler from Univ of California, San Diego
Shravan Vasishth from Potsdam
Ingmar Visser from University of Amsterdam
daniele marinazzo from University of Ghent
[anonymous] from Tilburg University
Maarten van Zalk from Muenster University, Department of Psychology, Section Psychological Assessment and Personality
Thomas J. Faulkenberry from Tarleton State University
Tristan Mahr from University of Wisconsin - Madison
Toby Nicholson from Plymouth University
Björn Brembs from Universität Regensburg, Germany
Kevin Mattheus Moerman from MIT
Anita Eerland from Utrecht University
Shane Timmons from Trinity College Dublin
Monica Gonzalez-Marquez from Cornell University, Bielefeld University
Wouter Rys from Trinity College Dublin
Gerard Ridgway from University of Oxford
Ben Dunn from University of Glasgow
Esther De Loof from UGent
Samir Hachani from Algiers\' University II
Andrew Conway from Claremont Graduate University
Gorka Navarrete from Universidad Diego Portales
Stephen Want from Ryerson University
Anahita Hamidi from University of California Davis
Walter Schaeken from University of Leuven
William Kyle Hamilton from University of California, Merced
Dermot Lynott from Lancaster University
Lilian Jans-Beken from Open University
Dietmar Zaefferer from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Balazs Aczel from Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
Tom Beckers from KU Leuven
Tim van Dijk from Psychology student
Erin McKiernan from National Autonomous University of Mexico
Michael Crosse from Trinity College Dublin
Filip Dochy from University of Leuven
Mojtaba from Phd Student, K.U.Leuven
Jorien Vugteveen from University of Groningen
[anonymous] from Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Frank Baeyens from University of Leuven
Steven Verheyen from École Normale Supérieure
Deirdre Twomey from Trinity College Dublin
Patric Bach from Plymouth University
Bart Machilsen from University of Leuven
Clare Walsh from Plymouth University
Ben Whalley from Plymouth University
Andy Wills from Plymouth University
Filip Raes from KU Leuven
gert storms from university of leuven
Frank Van Overwalle from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Robbie C.M. van Aert from Tilburg University
Ian Jay from Dr
Alain Content from Université libre de Bruxelles
Andrew Heathcote from University of Tasmania
Heather Joseph from SPARC
Daniel Newman from Monash University
Xenia Schmalz from Università degli Studi di Padova
jeremi ali from Casablanca Faculty of medicine
Christine R. Harris from University of California, San Diego
Clara Ferreira from Life and Health Research Institute, University of Minho
Adrian Barnett from Queensland University of Technology
Ben Cipollini from UC San Diego
Martijn Wieling from University of Groningen
Maarten Speekenbrink from University College London
Jaap Murre from University of Amsterdam
Jenna Todd Jones from NHS Wales
Marieke van Vugt from University of Groningen
David Shanks from University College London
Rickard Carlsson from Linnaeus University
Daniel Mietchen from NIH
Neil Chue Hong from Software Sustainability Institute / University of Edinburgh
Stefan Schmukle from University Leipzig
Cyril Pernet from University of Edinburgh
Marcel A.L.M. van Assen from Tilburg University & Utrecht University
Jon Tennant from Imperial College London
[anonymous] from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
Chris HJ Hartgerink from Tilburg University
Niels Taatgen from University of Groningen
Dale Barr from University of Glasgow
Ray Becker from RWTH Aachen University
Patrizio Tressoldi from Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale - Università di Padova, ITALY
Tristram Wyatt from University of Oxford
Jaume Rossello from University of the Balearic Islands
Thomas Wallis from Universität Tübingen
Lee de-Wit from University of Leuven
Rolf Zwaan from Erasmus University Rotterdam
Gabriela Jiga-Boy from Department of Psychology, Swansea University
Joachim Vandekerckhove from University of California, Irvine
Chris Donkin from UNSW
Pete Etchells from Bath Spa University
David Mellor from Center for Open Science
Moritz Heene from Ludwig Maximilan University Munich, Germany
Stephan Lewandowsky from University of Bristol
Malte Elson from Ruhr University Bochum
Frederic Boy from Swansea University
wolf vanpaemel from university of leuven
Randy McCarthy from Northern Illinois University
Rink Hoekstra from University of Groningen
Daniel Lakens from Eindhoven University of Technology
Guillaume Rousselet from University of Glasgow
Joseph Hilgard from University of Pennsylvania
Ivo Grigorov from DTU Aqua
Kshitiz Khanal from Open Knowledge Nepal
Andrew K. Przybylski from University of Oxford
Mark Andrews from Nottingham Trent University
Felix Schönbrodt from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Candice Morey from University of Edinburgh
Chris Chambers from Cardiff University
EJ Wagenmakers from University of Amsterdam
Richard D. Morey from Cardiff University


18 thoughts on “Signatories”

  1. Congratulations on a really nice initiative, great agenda and paper. However I am surprised to find an important omission. I think it is essential that the main piece of data, the paper manuscript itself, must also be made publicly freely available, i.e. it has to be published open-access. Perhaps it is somehow implicit in the open data policies described in the agenda, but I think this is important enough to deserve a point by itself.

    Would you be able to add that point to the agenda?

    1. Hi Jose, while we agree in principle that open access is important, the institutional barriers that prevent open access are different than those preventing open data. It would thus require a different sort of initiative than the one here, which emphasizes open data in review. Reviewers have no real power over whether the authors can pay open access fees, or what journal the authors submit to.

      1. I would still insist that an open data policy must come together with an open-access policy. In the end of the day the paper is just another piece of data, actually the most human-readable part of the data. There’s not much sense in making lots of data openly available while the paper that explains it remains hidden behind a paywall.

        Regarding reviewers’ power on deciding what journal the authors submits to: isn’t the point of this agenda precisely the reviewer’s power to push authors to release the data openly? I think reviewers could also be equally effective in pushing the authors to decide for an open access journal. The fees can surely not be a deciding factor when journals like offer extremely low fees.

        Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with you guys: open data is extremely important. But open access is as essential and should come as a necessary prerequisite.

  2. Hi Jose, PeerJ looks really interesting, thanks for pointing it out. In psychology at least, there is a lot of institutional pressure to publish via standard routes, which happen unfortunately to not be Open Access Gold. I agree with Richard that reviewing for paid-access journals is not an effective lever for encouraging people to publish in open-access gold journals 🙂 But there is also Open Access Green. Most paid-access journals allow publication of a substantively-final version of the paper in your institutional repository and search engines like BASE allow search across repositories. So one could easily encourage open access green through the review process of paid-access journals. I’m agnostic as to whether this should be retrofitted to this agenda of the subject of another other.

    1. Thanks for bringing up green openaccess, that Richard neglected to mention. Some publishers don’t allow a substantively-final (author-generated, not the publisher PDF) version to be uploaded to repositories, but even those allow a preprint (before peer review) to be uploaded to repositories.

      About similar initiatives in that area, some of us have been selectively reviewing for open access journals for several years. Eighty-four are listed at this website, but others made pledges elsewhere.

  3. Another thing reviewers can do is to encourage journals to adopt (as currently 9 already have the Open Data badge, the Open Methods badge, and the Registered badge ( to indicate which articles have posted their data, methods, and preregistered their study.

    I am attempting to collect progressive and best reviewer practices here, please add:

  4. Great initiative this!
    Does part 4 of the guideline also include code for running data analyses? There is much to gain here I believe when it comes to reproducibility, especially of methodologically oriented papers; as a reviewer I would also like to be able to reproduce certain results without having to code the statistics first.

    1. Point 4 is really about requiring documentation for the things one shares. It doesn’t require code, just documentation *if* one releases code. We actually left out code in the Initiative for a very specific reason: many Universities actually the retain copyright of code written by employees. Hence, licensing of code is a gray area, because the researchers themselves may not technically own it. We didn’t want to encourage people to share things that they may not technically have the right to share. This does not mean you can’t ask for it; I think no University would enforce copyright on analysis code. That would be silly. But it is your right as a reviewer to ask for analysis or simulation code. We just left it out of the Initiative just to be extra safe.

      1. A crucial point re supplying the code: if the submitted paper is presenting a computational model of anything, it cannot be properly reviewed unless the reviewer can try out the model. So the submission must include a URL via which a runnable version of the model is downloadable by the reviewer.

        One step towards this is at least to require that whenever such a paper is published the model is made publicly available. Psychological Review used to do this, but I don’t think it does so anymore. If this is not done, such work is literally unreplicable.

        1. Agree mostly (aside from the pedantic point that it need not be literally unreplicable if model is deterministic and pseudo code is provided). We just didn’t include code in the Initiative due to the copyright issue. Reviewers should absolutely ask for code, in my opinion.

          A next step for us is to get Universities to clarify that their policies do not prevent releasing code. We’re thinking of ways to do this, including some boilerplate one can send to their University IP department asking for clarification. These policies need to change.

  5. This is a great initiative! I struggle for the transparency in science and especially in psychology for years. The problem of raw data was mined to daylight over half a century by Leoy Wolins, a psychologist from Iowa State University who authorized one of his students to write a letter to 37 authors of original research articles, asking them to submit the raw data that their studies were based on. 32 out of 37 authors replied to the request. However, 21 of those 32 researchers who replied informed “with tremendous regret” that their data was accidentally destroyed, lost or archived in such a way that it was impossible to retrieve them. Only nine researchers, (i.e. 24% of the initial group) appeared to be willing to make their data available. Doctor Wolins, (an expert in statistics), took a closer look at the data received and concluded that only seven of them met requirements of something that we might call a reliable statistical analysis. Wolins, surprised by the scientists’ responses, described the experience in the American Psychologist, thus triggering a heated scientific debate over the availability of raw data.
    Since then many replicated this “experiment.” Inspired by the examples of Wolins and other researchers, I also decided to replicate their studies on my own. In order to do so, I randomly selected 50 empirical studies, all of which had been published in the last 12 months. I requested that the authors share the raw data from their studies. Out of fifty requests, I received 27 replies, which accounted for 54% of the entire sample. I received only seven raw data sets. A further seven responses could be labeled as “willing to cooperate.” My success rate was 30% of the total sample. It is remarkably close to the results presented by Wolins in 1962, and subsequently by Wicherts et al. in 2006.
    I wrote a commentary article about my study and submitted it to American Psychologist, where discussion of this particular topic started over half a century ago. To my disbelief, I was told that this particular subject has actually been completely explored, and further discussions from now on will be closed: “As you know, every member of APA receives American Psychologist. The limited space we have available constrains us, and we can accept only articles that are of interest to a broad range of psychologists and that have broad consequences for the science and practice of psychology. … the American Psychologist has recently published a comment on this topic, and the present proposed comment does not really add any new additional information to the discussion.”
    In the light of such explanations, it is nothing unusual that Gert Storms has been forced to resign after his refusal to review papers without raw data. How does one dare to reopen an issue already resolved once and for all? Fortunately, Gert Storms is not alone!
    If you are interested in detailed description of the problem of availability of raw data see also my book: T. Witkowski & M. Zatonski “Psychology Gone Wrong: THe dark Sides of Science and Therapy”.

  6. Not sure if signed up. Can’t find name in signatories but when I tried to sign up it said email already in use.

    Meanwhile have preliminary pre-print that includes discussion about barriers to Open Science. Indpendently made same recommendation for revieewers as here. Do NOT refuse to review. Suggest major revisions to include open data without reading unopen version

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